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You've worked hard and created an online course! Now it's time to sell it.

That's why you need a delightfully effective sales page. Something that drives that sale without being pushy, sleazy or annoying.

A page that captures your personality and speaks to your customers in a way that actually works for them.

Let's take the next step together and get your course in front of the right people!

For more info, or to see my portfolio, get in touch!

Getting started

So how does the process work?

We'll schedule a quick call via Zoom or your favorite app and talk about your goals, audience and, of course, your course!

After the call I'll need:

  • Any customer research you have (your ideal client profiles, transcripts or audio of client interviews, voice of customer research, initial market research findings and anything else you've got.)
  • Any data you have on your customer base. Google Analytics, Social media- to write a killer sales page I need it all.
  • A list of the FAQs your sales and customer support teams get most often (if you've got them)

We'll also set up a clear outline and due dates and get your course ready to launch!